Modernize Your Investing

Institutional investors rely on actionable content
and data dashboards with advanced quantitative
analysis to manage their portfolios.

Longbow delivers an industry leading institutional
level trading experience for everyone, whether you
are actively trading or investing for the long term.

Meet Our Team

Nadine Terman

CEO, CIO & Co-founder, Solstein Capital, CNBC Contributor, Fast Money

With 25+ years as an investment professional in both public markets and private equity, Nadine’s financial guidance is in high demand. Her leadership and expertise continues to make Longbow an essential and effective investing tool used by herself, her team and her clients. By making Longbow available to all investors, Nadine aims to give everyone the opportunity to invest like a pro.

Steven Lamar

Co-Creator, Beats by Dr. Dre, Public & Private Investor

Over 25+ years in finance and technology, Steven has originated, invested in, and managed numerous successful ventures and organizations. His trusted, wealth-building and risk management principles are at the foundation of Longbow. Steven takes pride in knowing that Longbow helps all investors make better decisions resulting in higher probability outcomes and wealth generation.

Longbow History

Part of the investment framework of any institutional money management organization is to identify investment opportunities outside the consensus. Then once identified, determine the best time to enter and exit those positions to maximize returns.

Backtesting has proven monitoring stock charts and moving averages are not effective ways to make investment decisions. With the increasing prevalence of high frequency and algorithmic trading, in Q2 2017 we created a series of advanced quantitative models to help us understand what the computers are doing. These models helped us cut through the clutter and focus on the relevant market data and the correlations between price, volume, volatility, and momentum. This advanced quantitative analysis has become critical to making timely, more probable, investment decisions.

Through a discovery process of analyzing trading data on thousands of securities, leveraging super-computer processing power, we found a more effective way to make better trading decisions. Using the Longbow Dashboard and our proprietary quantitative models, we have achieved consistent investment results over the long term. More importantly, our team invests with confidence using this tool. The Longbow Dashboard has given us a measurably effective edge.

The Longbow platform and ecosystem was created by investors, for investors. After experiencing many of the same challenges as most investors we have decided to share our solution with you. Longbow was designed to be intuitive, user friendly, and educational – the most valuable investing tool in every investor’s quiver. We are proud to share Longbow with you and look forward to hearing your feedback and investing success.

Pro Tip

Focus on the rate of change more than
the actual change itself.